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Wood is a wonderfully beautiful and highly durable material occurring in a wide variety of virtually unique patterns, characteristics and shades of colour. It's a naturally growing material which cannot be accurately replicated in any realistic shape or form by modern synthesis. Frankly, there's nothing quite like it! Unfortunately, building features and furnishings composed of wood are apt to decay and degrade over lengthy periods of time for a variety of reasons including accidental damage, localised atmospheric conditions, prolonged exposure to sunlight and the ingress of dirt or chemicals.
That's where we come into the picture!
The Polishing Shop  has been in business for nearly twenty years and based on experience gleaned internationaly over forty years. It's our professional mantra and commitment to ensure that the highest level of analysis, craftmanship and expertise is applied to each and every restoration project. The modest gallery of pictures shown below exhibit some recent examples of our work. Click on the pictures and use the handles of the expanded picture to go forward or backwards to see examples of our well renouned wood restoration skills.
As appropriate, we use both proven traditional techniques or modern variants with better durability against future wear and tear. In the case of inbuilt wood renovation and restoration projects, such as kitchens, stairwells, door apertures and skirting, we're happy to conduct the work in situ if this is deemed pragmatic and feasible. On many projects, we often work closely with trusted, highly skilled craftsmen versed in upholstery, metalwork, glass and carpentry to ensure that the final result meets with complete and entire satisfaction.
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